InMed is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that specializes in the discovery and development of novel, cannabinoid-based therapeutics for the treatment of diseases with high unmet medical need.

InMed employs a highly scientific approach to designing and developing medicines, which will help unlock the full potential of cannabinoid pharmaceuticals. 

InMed is developing a robust, high-yield, microbial-based biosynthesis process designed to enable the manufacturing of the multitude of cannabinoids (100+) found from natural sources. InMed products are designed to be bio-identical to the naturally-occurring cannabinoids and the process envisioned to offer cost and time savings, and superior ease, control and quality of manufacturing when compared to alternative methods.

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Our Values

InMed aims to transform patients’ lives by developing safe and effective cannabinoid-based therapeutics across a spectrum of diseases with high unmet medical needs. We intend to accomplish this goal by integrating the central components of our one-of-a-kind business model:

  • Exploring the potential of several of the 100+ cannabinoid compounds, NOT just THC and CBD;
  • Selecting specific cannabinoids (or combinations thereof) that have the potential to play a role in regulating specific diseases; and
  • Biosynthesizing cannabinoids such that they are biologically identical to those produced by the plant itself.


Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, InMed’s strategic focus is the development of prescription, cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products. We commenced our current activities in May, 2014, upon the acquisition of a privately-held British Columbia based biopharmaceutical company focused on the drug discovery and development of cannabinoid compounds.

In the ensuing years, our leadership team has taken numerous steps and corporate actions to de-risk and solidify our capital structure, fortify our cash position and liquidity, assemble a world class leadership team with a successful track record in drug development, strengthen our potentially game-changing bioinformatics and biosynthesis platform technologies, and deploy and advance our cannabinoid-based pipeline of drug candidates across a spectrum of diseases with high unmet medical needs.

Today, InMed is acutely focused on building a technologically advanced cannabinoid pharmaceutical company unlike any others.