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How Biosynthesis of Cannabinoids Could Impact the Cannabis Industry
A highly disruptive technology that I have discussed over the past few years appears to be gaining traction. Biosynthesis, an alternative, natural method of producing...
Source: New Cannabis Ventures
BTV Interview with InMed CEO, Eric Adams Full Version
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Prescription Based Pharmaceutical Products From Cannabis: InMed Turns Ingredients From Cannabis Plants Into Prescription Based Pharmaceutical Products
InMed turns ingredients from cannabis plants into prescription based pharmaceutical products. InMed is a biopharmaceutical company that specializes in the discovery and development of novel,...
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Cannabinoid Based Pharmaceutical Products: Cannabinoid Based Pharmaceutical Product May Help Rare Skin Disease
InMed is a bio-pharmaceutical company that specializes in the research development and commercialization of cannabinoid based pharmaceutical products. We take this class of compounds known...
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InMed’s Dr. Yadav Brief Version
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