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Biosynthesis of Cannabinoids – Producing Cannabinoids Without the Plant!
A biosynthesis platform technology Cannabinoids are closely related compounds that are the active constituents of the cannabis plant. While there are over 100 different cannabinoids, the...
Source: BTV
Reimagining Medicine? Novartis Wraps Pharma’s First Big Global Pot Deal
In a watershed moment for medical cannabis advocates in the United States, Swiss giant Novartis’ $NVS Sandoz AG unit has tied up with Canadian medical...
Source: Endpoints News
The Promise of Cannabinoids to Treat Pain
The focus of treating pain over the last decade has led to the emergence of a number of opioid drugs. Since their introduction, this method...
Source: Money Inc
Cannabinoid-based Therapeutics: Terpenes and Testing Magazine
Looking through the Telescope onto the Horizon: InMed Pharmaceuticals Nearly every week, there is another cannabis-themed headline such as “New Study Says 97% of Elderly...
Source: Terpenes and Testing Magazine, by Jason S. Lupoi, PhD
How Biosynthesis of Cannabinoids Could Impact the Cannabis Industry
A highly disruptive technology that I have discussed over the past few years appears to be gaining traction. Biosynthesis, an alternative, natural method of producing...
Source: New Cannabis Ventures
BTV Interview with InMed CEO, Eric Adams Full Version
Source: BTV