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Manufacturing pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids remains a challenge, especially for those that are found in only trace amounts in the cannabis plant, but nevertheless may hold very important pharmacological benefits in humans. InMed recognized that having a reliable source of pure, pharmaceutical-grade starting materials for its products that are bio-identical to the compounds found in nature would be a critical success factor for our drug development strategy.

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How our Technology Works

InMed is developing a proprietary, robust, microbial-based biosynthesis process for manufacturing any of the 100+ cannabinoids. The products that result from our process are bio-identical to the naturally occurring cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Our process is designed to offer superior ease, control and quality of manufacturing when compared to alternative methods.

Microorganisms do not naturally produce cannabinoids. However, utilizing genome engineering to modify their metabolism, InMed has systematically introduced the cannabis plant’s metabolic pathways into bacteria, and has developed what it believes to be the first-of-its-kind production of downstream cannabinoids in these hosts.

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Successes and Future Applications

We have successfully constructed the terpenoid biosynthetic pathway and the gateway pathway for synthesis of CBGA and the downstream pathways for synthesis of THCA and CBDA. Our proprietary pathway is significantly more productive than previously patented terpenoid pathways, and we have confirmed the biosynthesis of the cannabinoids using validated HPLC methodologies and 1H-NMR instrumentation.

We have constructed a series of E. coli strains that express variations and/or subsets of the entire biosynthetic pathway and have tested production in lab-scale fermentation tanks. Next steps in the biosynthesis program are to:

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